How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

Window cleaning is a delicate job and one that needs utmost care. It is highly recommended to clean residential windows every season, while commercial windows should be done once a month.

Four times a year would work well for any home. Key among these times is springtime cleaning. This is significant as it clears the weight of dirt and grime that accumulates on the window panes and sills over the winter season.

The weather can have adverse effects on the window glass and frame. When considering seasonal window cleaning like springtime, remember to clean the gutters too. It helps unclog and make them free to collect and drain water effectively. Clogging of the troughs can cause damage to windows, the attic, and roof.

Cleaning windows over the winter season can be hard; thus you might consider enlisting the services of professional window cleaners. These come with the right equipment to deal with the winter grime, salt, and dirt. Dust can also affect windows negatively. Knowing the best times of the year to clean your windows can save you time and resources when scheduling the cleaning sessions.

Why Clean your Windows Every Season?

Windows are an integral part of the house letting in light and air into the home. Clean windows allow in more light into the room and fresher air circulation inside. Window cleaning is at times forgotten or taken as a less critical task compared to others. One of these times should include cleaning window screens where applicable. Wash the inside and outside sides of the windows thoroughly. Window cleaning services can save you a lot of headache and resources. Cleaning windows is a subtle process and require care to get top results.


Necessary Requirements for Window Cleaning

Make sure you know what you require before engaging in cleaning your home windows. There are types of equipment for cleaning various stains and dirt on the windows.

Some cleaning essentials include: Proper cleaning tools, equipment, and solutions

  • Water is necessary for cleaning the windows. Some say vinegar works well as a cleaning agent, but others say soap is best, while others prefer liquid dish detergent with a bit of rubbing alcohol. All-in-all there is a lot to choose from even for home window cleaning
  • Solutions can include window sprays or window vacuum to steam cleaners, and much more
  • Used newspapers, sponge or glass and polishing cloth made for such purposes, and squeegee


Remember to take maximum care of the window panes and frames while cleaning. If you want to get the best results, you need to know the right times of the day when the weather suits best. For example, cleaning when the sun is directly reflecting on the windows can make soap streaks pass unnoticed.


Window cleaning is as necessary as any other home maintenance task and should not be relegated to the bottom of the list. It should be considered and preferably left to cleaning professionals for the best care of window glass and sills and optimal results. Consider hiring or engaging professional window cleaners for timely and hassle-free service as often as possible.


Benefits of Cleaning Windows in Spring



Cleaning is one of the most vital things that need to be done to contribute to one’s overall physical health and mental well being. Having organized, tidy and a hygienic surrounding gives a significant boost to you and those living with you which calls for optimum productivity. Cleaning your windows is one of the best ways to achieve optimum health and productivity. Spring is the season where the earth seems to come back to life after the cold winter season. Besides, the offset of the cold season, spring is the season accompanied by large amounts of rain thus cleaning your windows is one of the best things to do during this season. Here’s why:


  1. Boosts the exterior appearance of your home

Cleaning your windows helps to make your home appealing both the exterior and interior. Clean windows allow light to stream in which allows radiating your home. This makes your home warmer, thus making the interior more appealing.

For a business owner, maintaining clean and clear windows is not only great for the employees but will also win the confidence of your customers.


  1. Maintenance of windows

Window cleaning helps to remove contaminants that may destroy your window panes which allow saving on costs that would be incurred in replacing damaged windowpanes. These contaminants may be as a result of acid rain and hard water.

Due to the downpours experienced in spring, it is advisable to have your windows cleaned to curb such damages to ensure the windows stay in shape for longer time spans.


  1. Boosts health

Cleaning windows helps to do away with contaminants like dust and keeps off pests like dust mites. Window treatments and moldings attract dust. Cleaning them help prevent allergic reactions.

Spring season is characterized by warmth and humid conditions which provide the best conditions for mold to thrive. Dark brown and black stains indicate the presence of mold on windowsills. Mold causes dangerous respiratory infections which can be difficult to treat.

Window cleaning aids in eradicating mold. Professional window cleaning services can help get rid of the mold and help to ensure that the mold does not recur.


  1. Increased lifespan

Window cleaning helps to check for any pre-existing damages on windows that cannot be spotted easily. Loose casings, cracked window panes, and rotting windowsills are some of the pre-existing damages that can be detected.

Having spic and span windows in general leaves you feeling comfortable .so consider having your windows professionally cleaned. This helps to improve the health of your family, colleagues, and clients by keeping their immediate surrounding healthier. Clean windows help to regulate their comfort levels as a result of improved ventilation. Do it regularly and enjoy the immense benefits that come with clean windows.


Reasons You Need Commercial Window Cleaning Services

If your windows are in dire need of cleaning, you should consider reaching out to professional window cleaners to carry out the work for you. You should not make it your job to clean the windows if you know so little in this field. These are the primary reasons why you should let the professional window cleaners do it for you:

Thorough assessment

Before they start to work, professional window cleaners will carry out a survey to determine which parts of your high windows need special care. This will save your time and energy. With that information, you will decide where they should concentrate on.

Individual Responsibility

One other reason you need to engage the window cleaners is that through them, you play your part in helping to keep your city or town clean. When you and others around you have dirty high windows in your commercial buildings, people who visit your city will call it a dusty city and will take the report back that the city is not well taken care of. So engage the window cleaners’ services.

High Windows Access Techniques

With their rope access techniques, the sky is the limit. They have learned to climb walls like snipers. On your own, you certainly lack these skills to access high windows and thoroughly clean them.

Cleaning Materials

Because window cleaning companies have invested in their cleaning business, they have sufficient cleaning materials to carry out the window cleaning. For instance, they have mops, ladders, long poles, scaffolds, squeegees, scrapers, sponges, and many other cleaning materials. They have skills in using these materials to deliver desirable results, unlike you.

Extra Services

Some window cleaning companies offer other services you may need in the course of window cleaning. For example, the windows may need repair, painting, and replacement. The workers can extend their services to these areas. Other than the windows, they can also clean other areas around your commercial building like the ceilings, walls, doors, etc.

Rich Experience and efficiency

Professional window cleaners have experience and training in cleaning. They have been doing this job for years and have thus accumulated many useful secrets for window cleaning. They know which cleaning methods are most useful for your windows and can carry out the work within a short period. They are always carrying out research to come up with better cleaning methods for customer satisfaction. The result will be clean, sparkling windows.

Safety Measures

The window cleaning companies have learned the necessary safety measures to observe while in the line of duty. They know what is likely to cause an accident and they have found ways to prevent the unfortunate incidents. Most commercial buildings are in towns or urban centres where there is high pedestrian traffic. The window cleaning companies have taken precautions to thwart any pedestrian trespassing.

Customer Satisfaction

Once they are done cleaning your windows, and with everything sparkling, your customers will be impressed. You will experience a boom in business when more and more new customers are attracted to your commercial premise to transact business.


Make sure you are an excellent commercialist. Don’t just attract customers with clean windows; have clean speech and manners too. So as they scrub your windows, you should also be busy scouring your heart and mind, or your tongue too.