How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

Window cleaning is a delicate job and one that needs utmost care. It is highly recommended to clean residential windows every season, while commercial windows should be done once a month.

Four times a year would work well for any home. Key among these times is springtime cleaning. This is significant as it clears the weight of dirt and grime that accumulates on the window panes and sills over the winter season.

The weather can have adverse effects on the window glass and frame. When considering seasonal window cleaning like springtime, remember to clean the gutters too. It helps unclog and make them free to collect and drain water effectively. Clogging of the troughs can cause damage to windows, the attic, and roof.

Cleaning windows over the winter season can be hard; thus you might consider enlisting the services of professional window cleaners. These come with the right equipment to deal with the winter grime, salt, and dirt. Dust can also affect windows negatively. Knowing the best times of the year to clean your windows can save you time and resources when scheduling the cleaning sessions.

Why Clean your Windows Every Season?

Windows are an integral part of the house letting in light and air into the home. Clean windows allow in more light into the room and fresher air circulation inside. Window cleaning is at times forgotten or taken as a less critical task compared to others. One of these times should include cleaning window screens where applicable. Wash the inside and outside sides of the windows thoroughly. Window cleaning services can save you a lot of headache and resources. Cleaning windows is a subtle process and require care to get top results.


Necessary Requirements for Window Cleaning

Make sure you know what you require before engaging in cleaning your home windows. There are types of equipment for cleaning various stains and dirt on the windows.

Some cleaning essentials include: Proper cleaning tools, equipment, and solutions

  • Water is necessary for cleaning the windows. Some say vinegar works well as a cleaning agent, but others say soap is best, while others prefer liquid dish detergent with a bit of rubbing alcohol. All-in-all there is a lot to choose from even for home window cleaning
  • Solutions can include window sprays or window vacuum to steam cleaners, and much more
  • Used newspapers, sponge or glass and polishing cloth made for such purposes, and squeegee


Remember to take maximum care of the window panes and frames while cleaning. If you want to get the best results, you need to know the right times of the day when the weather suits best. For example, cleaning when the sun is directly reflecting on the windows can make soap streaks pass unnoticed.


Window cleaning is as necessary as any other home maintenance task and should not be relegated to the bottom of the list. It should be considered and preferably left to cleaning professionals for the best care of window glass and sills and optimal results. Consider hiring or engaging professional window cleaners for timely and hassle-free service as often as possible.